The Science Behind Our Tests

The Sentinel Principle® is a patent protected, platform technology which utilizes functional genomics to enable early identification of disease.

  • Circulating blood reflects, in a detectable way, what is occurring throughout the body.
  • As blood circulates communication occurs between cells in blood and tissue.
  • Subtle changes that occur in cells due to injury or disease trigger detectable, specific changes in blood cell gene expression.
  • Profiling these changes generates unique molecular signatures reflecting disease activity.
  • These molecular signatures can be used to identify disease-specific blood biomarkers.
  • These biomarkers are the foundation for BreastSentry & ColonSentry’s highly sensitive and specific molecular diagnostic assay.

Why use blood?

  • tissue-specific gene transcripts including beta-myosin-heavy chain (heart specific) and insulin (specific to pancreatic islet beta cells) can be detected circulating blood cells
  • suggest that although the expression level of genes may vary among different tissue or cell types, most genes may be expressed in the blood at a detectable level
  • blood cells can act as sentinels of disease and that could be used for the diagnosis/prognosis of disease (the “Sentinel Principle”).
  • Peripheral blood is an ideal surrogate tissue as it is readily obtainable and response to changes in the macro-and micro-environments is detectable as alterations in the levels of these gene transcripts

Harnessing the Power of Gene Expression for
Early Cancer Detection